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FAQ - Skype Video Recorder

1. Is there a maximum recording time?

Certainly not, you can record Skype video and audio as long as you want.

2. Why the other side video can not be recorded?

Make sure you can hear his/her voice when recording and check you are using the latest version. Moreover, change another player to try.

3. How do I know there is a new Camersoft Skype Video Recorder update?

You can find the new version you need from our official website:

4. If Camersoft Skype Video Recorder works with the new Skype version

It can surely work with the new Skype version

5. What is the recording video format by default?

AVI format will be saved after finishing recording by default.

6. Could I record MSN video with this recorder?

Yes, you can also record MSN video and audio.

7. Is Camersoft Skype Video Recorder compatible with Windows 7?

Of course, Camersoft Skype Video Recorder supports Windows 7 perfectly.

8. Could I adjust the size of recording region optionally?

Certainly, you can click “Select Custom Region” button to draw the arbitrarily-sized region which you want to record.

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